FCT, Abuja

L.E. Ecoma.

Lecturer 3


State of origin -Cross river.
Date of birth-13th July.
Local government of origin-Abi.
Address-Deeper Life junction,bwari,F.C.T.


  • .Advanced certificate in education-Veritas Polytechnic, Abuja, 2018.
  • Masters in Public admiƱistratioƱ- Delta State Polytechnic, Abraka, Delta State,2010
  • Bachelor of law(hons.)-Polytechnic of Calabar, Cross river state,2004.


  • History of Trading currencies in the upper Cross river region of Nigeria before the Nineteenth century' published in Canadian social science,vol.9,no.5,2013,192-197
  • Edele festival of the itigidi people of Cross river state and it's impact"published in the international journal of Asian social science, Florida,U.S.A.,vol.3, issue 8,2013,1781-1792.
  • The Development of Trade and Marketing in the upper Cross river region of Nigeria before 1800'.published in the journal of international social Research, Turkey,vol.7, issue 27,2014,330-351.


Excellent time management skills.90%
Ability to work effectively in a team70%
Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills.80%